Eastern Shoshone Diabetes Program

The Eastern Shoshone Diabetes Program was established in 1999 in response to the expressed needs of American Indian and Alaska Native governments, organizations, and the IHS for a health care program which would provide an outreach component to meet specific tribal health care needs. It was based on the concept that community members, trained in the basic skills of health care provisions, disease control and prevention, would be able to achieve the most success in effecting change in community acceptance and utilization of limited health resources.

The program is an IHS funded, tribally contracted/granted and directed program of well-trained, community based, health care providers, who provide health promotion and disease prevention services in their communities. The Eastern Shoshone Diabetes Program activities shat be managed and carried out only by American Indian and Alaska Native governments and tribal organizations through legal (contract/grant/Cooperative Agreement (CA)) arrangements with the IHS.

Provisions of health services:

  • Health Education/Counseling
  • Monitor Client/Community
  • Case Management/Coordination
  • Emergency Care
  • Health Promotion
  • Disease Prevention
  • Transportation/Delivery
  • Translation/Interpretation

Health Promotion:

  • Cessation of Tobacco Smoking
  • Reduction in the Misuse of Alcohol and Drugs
  • Improvement of Nutrition
  • Improvement in Physical Fitness
  • Family Planning
  • Control of Stress
  • Pregnancy and Infant Care

Disease Prevention:

  • Immunizations
  • Control of High Blood Pressure
  • Prevention and Control of Diabetes
  • Control of Toxic Agents
  • Fluoridization of Water

Eastern Shoshone Community Health Representative (CHR):

The Eastern Shoshone Tribe will maintain the established CHR program for the continued improvement of the health care and health services to benefit eligible tribal members. The CHR program will develop a delivery system to provide better utilization of all health services by coordination and communication between the individual community members, the tribal administration and health resources. The tribe will research and study modules for home health care, accreditation of programs, reimbursement of Medicare/Medicaid; and coordinate its activities with other Tribal Health programs, local or state programs.

Overall goal is to provide comprehensive community health services that provides health maintenance activities for the community; provides a continuous assessment of the individual and community environment and resources of the community; provide measures to reduce or eliminate health hazards and endures safe and pleasant surroundings and provides leadership and participation in planning for effective community health service.

Activities in the following will be accomplished to improve the general health of the community:

  • Prevention and intervention of chronic diseases to include but not limited to diabetes, cardiovascular and heart disease, and cancer.
  • Diabetes Health Care
  • Cardiovascular and Heart Disease
  • Women’s Wellness-Breast and Cervical Cancer
  • Men’s Wellness
  • Health Promotion-Nutrition and Fitness
  • Environmental Health Care and Support
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Dialysis Health Support
  • Administration and Training

Eastern Shoshone Eyeglass Program:

The Eastern Shoshone Eyeglass Program provides eyewear care to individuals in need of eyeglasses as prescribed by an optometrist and the following:

  • Provide health education and consultation for eyewear and care
  • Case management, screen, and monitor client
  • Verify, order, and dispense prescriptive eyewear
  • Adjust, maintain and repair eyewear
  • Maintain accurate client files

To order eyeglasses:

  • Bring prescription for eyeglasses from an optometrist
  • An estimate will be given for order
  • $30 deposit needed for down payment
  • Take deposit to the Eastern Shoshone Finance Dept and a receipt will be given
  • Take the receipt back to the ES Eyeglass Program
  • Order will be placed for eyeglasses
  • ES Eyeglass Program will contact you once they receive the order in office and balance due
  • Take your payment for due balance and get a receipt from ES Finance Dept
  • Bring receipt to ES Eyeglass Program
  • Eyeglasses will be dispensed

Women’s Wellness/Breast and Cervical Cancer Program:

Breast and Cervical Cancer Program provides adequate health information, disease and case management, assistance for travel to appointment s and treatments( in state and out of state) and help patients develop skills enabling the individuals to participate in her own preventive and self management care.


  • Provide health education, research, prepare and teach with educational materials about cancer prevention and support
  • Provide individual assessment; include screenings (breast, cervical and colonoscopy) and periodic evaluation for health improvement
  • Collaborate with IHS providers in improving healthcare
  • Provide additional services included in the Breast and Cervical Contract provided by the State of Wyoming.