Eastern Shoshone Eyeglass Program

The Eastern Shoshone Eyeglass Program

Provides eye-wear care to individuals in need of eyeglasses as prescribed by an optometrist and the following:

  • Provide health education and consultation for eyewear and care
  • Case management, screen, and monitor client
  • Verify, order, and dispense prescriptive eyewear
  • Adjust, maintain and repair eye-wear
  • Maintain accurate client files

To order eyeglasses:

  • Bring prescription for eyeglasses from an optometrist
  • An estimate will be given for order
  • Eyeglasses need to be paid in full before the program will order
  • Take deposit to the Eastern Shoshone Finance Dept and a receipt will be given
  • Take the receipt back to the ES Eyeglass Program
  • Order will be placed for eyeglasses
  • ES Eyeglass Program will contact you once they receive the order in office
  • Take your payment for due balance and get a receipt from ES Finance Dept
  • Bring receipt to ES Eyeglass Program
  • Eyeglasses will be dispensed