About Us

Mission Statement

Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health’s mission is to provide quality comprehensive programs that will help and educate our people through awareness and services.  We will preserve our culture and traditions while promoting and reinforcing a healthy lifestyle with passion and leadership.

Vision Statement

Improving the quality of life by building a healthier community through: education, exploration and collaboration to achieve greater health equality.


  • Culture (environment, honor, respect, self respect, generosity, identity, elders).
  • Ethics/Trust (honesty, passion, self respect, assertiveness, work ethic, discipline, confidentiality).
  • Competency (adaptive, assertiveness, professionally, expertise, accomplish, perception, efficient).
  • Teamwork (communication, professionalism, work ethic, dependable, expertise, listening, energy, leadership, punctual, accomplish, hard work, positive, sharing, strategic, competent, discipline).
  • Community (priority, honor, caring, patience, courtesy, people, support, helpful, respect, empathy, selflessness, sacrifice, generosity).

*Culture                                         *Ethics/Trust  


 *Teamwork                                        *Community


The underlying philosophy of the Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health is that an individual has primary responsibility for his or her own life.

As people learn more about their bodies, their physical and mental health needs, and the social institutions which affect them; they gain more control over their lives.

To this end, Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health exists to provide health, education, and recovery services to the residents of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Through example, education, and participation in the local health care community, Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health seeks to promote the development of a health care system which meets the needs and enhances the health of all the individuals in our community.


*To provide high quality health care to persons presently without access to such care due to financial, geographical, social or age barriers.

*To provide education on health and social issues to the community as an integral part of community services through outreach efforts.

*To seek out areas of health needs which are inadequately met by existing services.

*To work with other health care providers to improve services and fill unmet community needs.

*To be receptive to new trends and practices which seek to treat and maintain the health and well being of the whole person.

*To provide a structure whereby workers and the community have input into the decision making process at Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health.

*To actively seek community input.

*To provide a meaningful and rewarding work environment for Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health staff.

*To recognize the importance of and fully use the skills of all levels of health workers.

*To provide an evolving model of health care by:

Promoting client involvement and responsibility for health care;

Recognizing health workers as facilitators and teachers of the healing process;

Promoting preventive health care to maintain the health and well-being of the whole person;

Promoting client rights to work toward change in the present health care system through example, education, and direct participation.